As a stylist and avid fashion fan,  I found there to be a drought of true men’s fashion.  Sure there are some great sites focusing on high end sartorial style, but what about your everyday men’s style. What about the guy who knows how to dress but can’t afford to shop at Neiman’s,  or can’t fit into the stuff at Zara.  Where was his blog?  Where was the site for the well dressed man who wants to keep his masculinity, who isn’t interested in wearing jeggings but doesn’t want to wear Timberlands anymore. Where’s the site for the man who wants to learn how to dress and be fresh?

In 2009, I created that site.  That site is FresherThanChris.com

This is more than just a blog.  Its a fashion edutainment experience.  Through detailed fashion show reviews, advice column, fashion editorials and weekly posts on men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle, I hope this is a bookmarked site on your web browser.  After all, I created this site for you all,  I’m on the quest to find other fresh individuals who want information on how to make themselves even more fresh.

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